Book Buying Tag

This was the first tag Emmy tagged me in. I didn’t have a blog yet so I just posted it as a comment to her post, but I figured since I have a blog now I would just re-post it.

1-Where do you buy your books from?
Like Emily, I also used to favor Borders instead of B&N, but now-a-days I mostly buy my books from Bookman’s or Half Price Bookstore (local used book shops). If I have a gift card or I want to buy a new book though, I do go to Barnes & Nobles. My friends did buy me a NOOK over a year ago, but so far I’ve only bought one book on it.

2-Do you ever pre orders book and if so do you do this in store or online?
I’ve actually never pre-ordered a book before. Most of the time I’m cheap and wait for new books to come out on paperback.

3-On average, how many books do you buy a month?
Hmmm, not many. Unless you count comic books. My friends and I go to a comic shop usually once a week, although I don’t buy them every week, and it’s right by a Bookman’s so I always browse while I’m there. But I have a specific book list on my phone at the moment so I only look for those specific books. I actually just went to a GIANT book sale and was a bit sad since I only bought three. But if I didn’t keep only to my book list I most likely would have bought a ton more. So my wallet is happy that I spent less than $5 on only three books. (Are you happy wallet? ARE YOU HAPPY? *tears*)

4-Do you use your local library?
HELL YES I DO! The library is my favorite place. Unlike some of my friends, I don’t feel the need to own tons of books because honestly I’m probably never going to read them more than once unless it’s part of the few favorite series I have. Then I must own them, of course. And when I got my NOOK and found out I was able to borrow electronic books? I WAS SO FRIGGIN’ HAPPY! Fo realz, yo. I was absolutely ecstatic. I usually only buy books that I cannot find at the library, unless they are from my favorite series.

5-If so- how my books can you/do you borrow at a time?
I think the library limit is ten per person. Possibly eight. I can’t remember. But depending on how long the series is and how popular, I usually try to get all the books in the series at once then just keep renewing them after. Because I’ve had experiences where I wait till the last minute to put a book on hold and have to wait FOREVER for it to arrive at my library. So sad…

6-What is your opinion on library books?
They are free so of course I enjoy them! But like Emmy said, I prefer ones without questionable substances inside. Eww…

7-How do you feel about charity shop/second hand books?
As mentioned earlier, that’s where I buy most of my books from so I love them! I’m super cheap, if you haven’t noticed. But I am somewhat picky. If the book is tooooo beat up, then I’ll wait untill they have a different copy. But most of the time I don’t care too much because after a certain amount of books I’ve read pile up I try to sell them back and/or donate them.

8-Do you keep your read and TBR pile together/on the same book shelf or not?
No, though it doesn’t really matter to me. My favorite series are on my top shelf and everything else I have is just kind of shoved where I can fit them. Although since my sister moved out and left her bookshelf behind I have been sticking my already read books there. Only if I plan on selling them though. Otherwise they remain on my shelf.

9-Do you plan to read all of the books that you own?
Of course! Otherwise I wouldn’t buy them. It’s just the matter of WHEN I read them that’s questionable…

10-What do you do with books you that you own that you feel you will never read/felt you did not enjoy?
I sell them or donate them. But I do that even with books I do enjoy. I only like to hold on to select series that I have really fallen for. I enjoy a lot of books but don’t feel the need to hold on to them since I have so much more I want to read.

11-Have you ever donated books?
Yes, the ones that don’t sell I donate to the library or the bookstores will donate them for me.

12-Have you ever been on a book buying ban?
No. Although I probably should have been. Since I go to Bookman’s so often I was buying a lot of books for awhile, but I’ve slowed down a lot, telling myself I need to read a good chunk of what I own before buying too many more. It’s just a bit difficult because currently I’m trying to only read completed series.

13-Do you feel that you buy too many books?
Yes, but unlike Emily, my reason is the ‘buhh too many books to read’ reason. But because I use the library so much it definitely keeps me from buying EVERYTHING I see.

AND I’M DONE! WHOO! Thanks for tagging me, Emmy!