Beat the Backlist 2021

Well, obviously I haven’t been active on this blog for awhile. A major struggle of mine is staying motivated to continuously post. I usually don’t have a problem getting started, just a problem to keep going. I’ve been in the mood to try to become more active, once again, and I’m hoping I will be more successful than I have in the past. I thought a good idea to help with that motivation is to start a challenge!

I participated in the Beat the Backlist Challenge for 2018 but, unsurprisingly, I didn’t remain active for long. So I’m going to give it another try this year!

The Beat the Backlist Challenge is hosted by NovelKnight. If you take a look at their page you’ll find they are making a few changes to the challenge this year, but the ultimate goal is the same – to read those books that have been clogging up your TBR list for awhile now, as in any book published in 2020 or earlier. And that’s it! I generally read older books anyway, so that’s what originally drew me to this challenge in the first place. I’m a little bummed they aren’t doing a photo challenge this year – since I’d like to also be more active on my book-related Instagram (@allboutthembooksandstuff) – but I’ll still try to post some pics a few times here and there as well.

However, they did create a reading prompt list – which is purely optional- so I think that’ll still be fun! I won’t completely revolve my reading choices around it, since I’m such a mood reader, but it’ll be fun to see how many I can complete. They have a 52 and a 24 prompt list and, knowing myself, I think the 24 prompt list will be more attainable. They made it into a check list or a BINGO card.

So, that’s my start to try becoming more active. I might begin doing the WWW Wednesday posts monthly again – I haven’t been reading quite enough to be able to post them weekly – and I may do a few tags as well.

Thanks for being patient with me if you’re still following my blog! I would also like to be better at reading posts from the blogs I follow so you may see me lurking around~

Happy reading! :)


Beat the Backlist 2018

Hey everyone! I stumbled upon Emily’s post about the  Beat the Backlist Challenge, hosted by NovelKnight, and decided it looked like fun! I’ve never involved myself in a reading challenge besides the Goodreads one, so I thought, why not give this one a try? It sounds fun and it’s easy enough for a lazy potato like me to participate in! :D

The goal of this reading challenge is to read books published before 2018. Easy, right? Maybe not for those who love to read new release after new release, but I rarely ever read new releases, so I thought this challenge would be perfect for me!

This seems like a neat challenge because you are assigned a team. Each team earns points by reading books published before 2018 and at the end of each month one person is drawn from the team with the most points to receive a book of their choice! Awesome, right?

There is also a photo challenge via Instagram, which is just for fun. I actually decided to make an Instagram account solely related to books and my blog so check it out! I literally made it 15 minutes ago, so there’s nothing on it now. But that will soon change! As long as I remember to post… ^^;

I made this post as a requirement for signing up for this challenge so once I’m all signed up I will add which team I’m on!

my team:

my goals:

Goals aren’t required for this challenge, but I thought I would set some to make myself more active and motivated!

  • Participate in at least 2 of the 4 Instagram prompts each month
  • Write one review of a book dedicated to this challenge at least every 3 months (since I’ve been seriously slacking in the review department)
  • Have 4 out of every 5 books I read be dedicated to this challenge

And there we go! Interested in this challenge? Click the linked text above and go for it! Link your sign-up post in the comments so I know you’re joining! I’d love to see if we’re on the same team!

Happy reading! :)

50-Day Bookish Challenge

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So, yeah, I’ve been pretty inactive lately. I started school a couple of weeks ago (for those who don’t know, I returned to school last fall after a 3 year break and I’m finally working on obtaining my bachelor’s degree) so that’s been keeping me super busy. I’ve also been job hunting, which sucks. I haven’t had to do it in years and my gawd, it’s awful. BUT, I do have an interview this week. So wish me luck! :D

Anyway, I stumbled upon Erika’s post and decided that I would like to join her in being more active with posting. And what’s being more active then posting for 50 days straight? So a big thanks to Erika for coming up with the list of questions! Which are:

  1. What book did you last read??
  2. What book are you currently reading??
  3. Do you read books just because you saw them on tumblr??
  4. Is there a book that you think needs a bigger fandom??
  5. Do you have a snack while reading or do you close the book first??
  6. Can you ever stop in the middle of a page or do you have to finish the page or chapter first??
  7. Do you borrow books from people??
  8. Do you lend your books out to friends??
  9. How do you find the Booklr community??
  10. What would you like to change/see more of in the community??
  11. Do you post reviews??
  12. How many books have you read this month??
  13. How many books have you read this year??
  14. Do you set yourself a reading challenge every year??
  15. Do you set yourself a TBR list at the start of the month??
  16. What book has been on your TBR pile the longest??
  17. Is there a book on your TBR pile that you don’t think you will read
  18. Do you know anyone else that likes books??
  19. Why did you start your book blog??
  20. Is it how you thought it would be??
  21. Do you write??
  22. Tell us a little about your writing.
  23. How did you get into reading??
  24. Have you read a book that was really hyped up but you didn’t enjoy??
  25. Do you prefer physical books, Ebooks or audiobooks?? (/there is no wrong answer)
  26. Free space (Ask any question you want)
  27. Name a book that you own starting with (Pick a letter). Have you read it?? Did you like it?? If you haven’t read it, are you looking forward to it?
  28. The first book that comes to mind, tell us about it. Rant
  29. Have you ever bought a book because the cover was so nice??
  30. Can you leave a series unfinished or do you have to own all the books and try them all??
  31. How do you think you would be described if you were in a book??
  32. “They edged towards the shaking box that had just been delivered.” Should they open it?? You decide what happens next.
  33. How do you organise your shelves??
  34. What do you do to mark your pages??
  35. Do you have a lot of bookmarks?? or just a few??
  36. Favourite bookmark??
  37. Is there a book that you think everyone should read??
  38. Favourite genre??
  39. What book that has made you cry??
  40. How do you feel when you find a typo/spelling error in a book??
  41. Do you put a book under your pillow at night??
  42. How do people read in the bath?? Please tell me, I’m scared of getting my book wet….
  43. Free rant, go ahead, we all know you want to.
  44. Favourite book quote, go.
  45. Do you take your own book photos??
  46. Do you have a bookish tattoo?? Do you want one??
  47. How many books do you take when you go out??
  48. Do you write, highlight, underline etc in your books
  49. Worst book you’ve ever read??
  50. Do you read classics?? If so, what’s your favourite??

And there you have it! I’ll be posting once more today to answer the first question~