50-Day Bookish Challenge – Day 30

Can you leave a series unfinished or do you have to own all the books and try them all??

It’s pretty rare for me to not finish a series, unless I really didn’t care for the first book (which is also rare). Sometimes I’ll put a slight pause on a series, but I generally get back to it eventually. And I don’t necessarily have to own the whole series either. As I’ve mentioned many times, I prefer using the library. However, I have quite a few series I’ve bought used (that weren’t available through the library) that I need to get around to reading. They’ve been sitting on my shelf FOREVER. One day, one day. But more recently I’ve been thinking in the future I might just buy the first book and see if I like it or not, then decide if I want to buy the rest.


50-Day Bookish Challenge – Day 29

Have you ever bought a book because the cover was so nice??

I can’t say that I have. I’ve picked up a few books just because of their covers, but if I read the synopsis and it doesn’t interest me then I set it back down. I won’t buy a book based solely on it’s appearance. What’s the point of a pretty book if I know I’m not going to like what’s on the inside? When I go book shopping I mostly go to find something specific anyway, otherwise I mainly use the library. Unless I have a gift card, then I might just buy something I see at the store. However, it still has to interest me.

50-Day Bookish Challenge – Day 28

The first book that comes to mind, tell us about it. Rant.

Ummm,  Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo, the third and final book in the Grisha trilogy. I still haven’t read it! I really need to. I had the physical copy from the library for WEEKS but never picked it up. Then I decided to put the ebook copy on hold but it turned out to show that there are ZERO copies available! As in there weren’t any to even put on hold. Why am I able to put a hold on it if it’s not available??? I’ve seen it once or twice before. I’m thinking they may have had copies but they were removed for some reason? I dunno. But it’s dumb. Either way, I still need to read it. I enjoyed the first two books, but I’m going to be honest, I’m mostly looking forward to reading Six of Crows. Is that bad? xD

50-Day Bookish Challenge – Day 27

Yes this one should have been done yesterday…whoops. I was doing so well too. But it was my first Saturday off work in a LONG time and I happened to be out all day (the past few weekends I had to schedule posts beforehand). But no regrets!

Name a book that you own starting with (pick a letter). Have you read it?? Did you like it?? If you haven’t read it, are you looking forward to it?


I pick the letter…M.
And…I don’t have many that start with that letter. I’ll go with Master of None by Sonya Bateman. No, I haven’t read this one yet. I’ve been meaning to get around to it because there’s only two books in the series, but just haven’t picked it up. It sounds like something I would enjoy, so yes! I am looking forward to it.

50-Day Bookish Challenge – Day 26

Free space (Ask any question you want)

Hmm, what shall I ask…myself? xD How about:

Do you read any comics?? 

Why yes, yes I do. Right now I am currently reading The Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers, Champions, Mighty Thor, Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, Spider-Man (Miles Morales), and Spider-Man & Deadpool. One of my good friends got me into comics a few years ago and I love them. It’s not the cheapest hobby, but they’re soooo good! They’ve been piling up recently so I’m trying to get my butt in gear and catch up!

Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag

Image result for zombie apocalypse

I haven’t done a book tag in awhile and I actually remember seeing Analee @ Book Snacks do this tag quite some time ago. I believe it’s the perfect time of year for this type of tag, so why not?! Let’s see if I survive!


  • Choose 5 books!
  • Randomly set up your books in order.
  • Flip to a random page in the book and write the first two names you see.
  • Put the names in the categories listed below in the order you saw them!
  • Cry at how screwed you are…

The books I chose:







The first person to die?

Will, Clockwork Princess. Pffft, I highly doubt that. If Will were the first to die none of us would stand a chance in this apocalypse!

The person you trip to get away from the zombies?

Jem, Clockwork Princess. THAT IS A LIE. I WOULD NEVER. I would cut off my own leg before I use it to trip my dear, sweet Jem.

The person that trips YOU to get away from the zombies?

Kevin, The Lightning-Struck Heart. I…could see it. I mean, he’s a dragon so he doesn’t necessarily have to trip me to get away but, he can be a big asshole (in a loving way) so I could still see it.

The first person to turn into a zombie?

Sam, The Lightning-Struck Heart. Noooo, poor Sam! He’s a wizard! Well, a wizard apprentice! I’m sure he could whip something up to save himself! I personally would be extremely sad, however, I feel like some would be happy because they wouldn’t have to listen to his constant rambling for the rest of the apocalypse.  *cough* sorry Sam *cough*

The idiot of the team?

Dex, Hell & High Water. Dex may act like a goofball a good chunk of the time, but he’s actually a really smart guy! If he’s the idiot then we are in some deep shit.

The brains of the team? (haha, brains…)

Ash, Hell & High Water. Sounds about right. Ash has a temper on him, but he’s also really smart! As long as Dex doesn’t talk him to death, I think we might be okay.

The team’s medic?

Matthew, Sire. Hmmm, not sure how I feel about this one. I feel like he would try his best, but he’s a vampire! His methods of healing are…different, than of us mere mortals.

The weapons expert?

Tarrick, Sire. This is actually a great choice. Tarrick’s a badass incubus! He’s not a High Lord General for nothing! He knows his stuff when it comes to weapons. I do believe we stand a chance! Huzzah!

The brawler?

Susan, Fool Moon. Susan is one feisty lady, but she definitely wouldn’t be the first person I would call up in a fight (no offense). She’s a smart one though, so I’m sure she’d be able to handle herself to some extent.

The team leader?

Harry, Fool Moon. Although Harry’s more of a solo kind of guy, he’s a survivor! He could definitely get us through this mess! As long as he doesn’t get us killed with his smartass comments, first. (I’ve noticed a lot of the main characters in the books I read are smartass’…is that saying something? :’D)

Whelp, not a bad team overall. I think I would survive! Maybe. Possibly. Well, I’d have a fun time with these maniacs at least!

I tag:

Please feel free to ignore this if you have already done this tag or if you’re simply not interested! But please let me know if you decide to do it so I can read your answers! :D

Happy Reading! :)

50-Day Bookish Challenge – Day 25

Do you prefer physical books, Ebooks, or audiobooks?? (there is no wrong answer)

It’s been tougher to answer this question in the past few years. I have always preferred physical books over any other format, but ever since I found out you can borrow ebooks from my library (and that there’s sometimes more selection in that form) I’ve converted to generally reading ebooks. Now, I still love having a book in my hand, but I’ve drifted to ebooks also out of convenience. At one of my old jobs I was allowed to read (unless I had a customer, of course) and there I was allowed to bring any form of book. However, at my other job, I was also able to read on my downtime but would have gotten in trouble if I brought in a physical book. Which still bugs me. They didn’t care if I sat on my phone all day, but would care if you brought anything ‘physical’ to sit there and do because it seemed ‘unprofessional’. It was dumb. ANYWAY. The convenience of being able to read from my phone or Nook is a big turn on. So currently it’s a tie between physical and ebooks. I’ve tried an audiobook once or twice and I just can’t do it. I would love to, trust me, but if I don’t have the words in front of me my mind tends to wander.