I honestly couldn’t even think up a good title for this post.

Anyway, I haven’t posted since March and I feel awful about it but, unfortunately, that’s just how I am sometimes. This post will be a kind of update/ramble-y post about stuff that’s been going on.

Work and school. That was the main reason my posts slowed down back in March. About a week after my last post I got a second job once again and they were giving me a lot more hours than I thought they would originally. So, between both jobs I was working 55 hours a week plus going to school. I had very little free time during that period.

I got into a car accident. It wasn’t a huge one or anything, both myself and the other lady were fine for the most part, but it was bad enough that both vehicles had to be towed and I didn’t get mine back for two weeks. I was also mildly injured and had to start visiting a chiropractor twice a week. It was the first accident I’ve ever been in and I hope to never be in one again – it was scary. I will also put out there that it was not my fault – just saying xD

I moved out. I believe I had mentioned in previous posts that I was moving out, but yes, it happened. I moved out of my parents house and am now living in an apartment with two of my good friends. We’ve all been doing well together over these past months (no fights yet!) so I hope we keep at it.

My dog passed away. My older dog’s health had been steadily declining for awhile and then he got so bad we had to make that tough  decision. So, sadly, about two months before he would have turned 14 years old, we made the call. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do in my life. He was our first dog – we got him back when I was in 7th grade. I am in my mid-twenties now, so I basically grew up with him. However, he was at the point of being in extreme pain and he was lacking quality of life that it was for the best. I am not a person to fall into depression easily, but the week following his passing was one of my toughest, emotionally. Let’s just say I’m glad my other dog is no where near that point yet because I was a complete mess.

A few weeks after that I actually went on vacation with my grandmother to attend my twin cousins high school graduation as well as visit some other family. It was exactly what I needed. With everything that had happened I needed a break and felt so much better once I came home. When I came back I was down to one job, my other one was for a school and so it was done for the summer, so I had some more free time than before. I also took a summer class but it was fairly easy.

However, I also hit a reading slump. It started around the time I went on vacation, so about the end of May, and continued until just recently. I only read one book in June and two in July, although those two were graphic novels. I don’t know what happened. I just suddenly wasn’t in the mood to read. I was really into catching up on TV shows at the time and that’s mainly what kept my busy during free time. I slowly started breaking out of my slump by catching up on my comics then finally read a book that I finished last week. So, I’m hoping I’ll stay out of my slump and will start to try posting somewhat regularly again. Let’s see if that actually happens.

And yeah, life. It sucks sometimes. But you just gotta power through!

Thanks for reading my ramblings and I also hope to catch up on your posts as well!

Happy reading! :)