50-Day Bookish Challenge – Day 50

Do you read classics?? If so, what’s your favorite??

Harry Potter counts as a classic by now…doesn’t it? xD This is a really random question for the last question in this challenge, by the way. At least in my opinion. But no, I don’t read classics. Not by choice, anyway. I’ve only had to read a few for school. I do have to say, out of the ones I have read, Dracula is my favorite. Although that’s cheating a little bit. I had to read it for a class and I accidentally bought the shorthand version, so it didn’t drone on like the original. That’s probably why I liked it. I’m just not a big fan of classics…maybe I’ll try to give them more of a shot in the future.

And that’s it! Done with the 50-Day challenge! This was fun! I encourage people to try it out. I actually really enjoyed that this challenge did its job and made me more active. It motivated me to want to post more regularly. Will I? No idea. I’ll probably go back to my handful of posts every month, if that. But I’m definitely going to try harder to get on and post more, or at least read others posts.


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