50-Day Bookish Challenge – Day 47 & 48

Man, I was doing really well until last weekend…but I’m still proud of myself for mostly keeping on top of these posts! xD

How many books do you take when you go out??

Well, I’ve mentioned a few times before, at one of my old jobs I was allowed to read (or more like they didn’t really care) so I would bring a physical book there, or a big stack of comics if I was trying to catch up. But I don’t work there anymore. I don’t really take physical books with me anywhere, unless I’m bringing them on vacation or something. Technically, I do take a lot when I go out though, if we’re counting ebooks. Whenever I have time I try to read on my phone if I’m able.

Do you write, highlight, underline, etc. in your books??

I don’t! I just…can’t. It would bug me. Plus, I don’t usually stop and analyze things while I’m reading; I just read. If I need to go back and look for a quote or something I’ll just sit there and flip through the pages until I find it. xD


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