50-Day Bookish Challenge – Day 36

Favorite bookmark??


This is my favorite bookmark! Ain’t it cute? The little bone is magnetically held in place, however I rarely ever undo it. I just slip the whole thing over the side so that the dog sits on the cover. I also had a small magnetic one with a wolf on it that I loved, but sadly I think I left it in a library book…^^; So this has been the new favorite for a while now.



10 thoughts on “50-Day Bookish Challenge – Day 36

  1. That’s adorable!
    I just use index cards that I’ve doodled on now, as I’ve lost all my favorite bookmarks and I didn’t want to get attached to another one only for it to disappear.
    I’ve lost one index so far, which was also sad, since it was my favorite, but not as devastating as when I lose my nice bookmarks.

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    • Thanks! Yeah, I usually only use one or two for a long time so I definitely get attached. I’m hoping my wolf one is in a good home…or it’s more likely in the trash… D; But the index doodles seem like fun! I wish I was that creative :’D

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      • You could doodle whatever on it, I suppose, so you don’t necessarily have to have a ton of artistic ability to do it. Mine’s just a bunch of circles and hexagons in pretty colors. Although I would prefer that cute puppy bookmark over an index card.
        I can’t keep a nice bookmark for longer than a month.

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      • But still…just being creative enough to think of that! xD I’m surprisingly good at holding on to my bookmarks for long periods of time. However, I do drop them and occasionally misplace but then find them a lot…^^;

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      • I usually lose them in one of two ways:
        1. It’s in a paperback and I drop the paperback. The bookmark has fallen out and I’ve got no idea. Once I dropped this one lovely bookmark across the room and another person was making plans to keep it. I took it back.
        2. I finish a book and return it to the library with no idea that my bookmark is still inside. Once, with the same bookmark, I called the library and they had to look through the book I had read to find it. I can still remember the precise shade of lavender on the cover, but I can’t remember the title.

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