30 Days of Music: 13, 14, & 15

Day 13: A song you like from a genre you don’t.

Hmm, well I’m not a huge fan of country music. I don’t mind some of it…but most of the time it’s too…twangy? However, I do like Andy Grammer’s song Honey, I’m Good. Mostly because it’s a bit more pop like.

Day 14: Your favorite song from a musical (or opera.)

Gahhh, I don’t really watch musicals…or opera. But I do like Grease, so I’m going to go with You’re the One That I Want.

Day 15: A song you like to dance to (or makes you want to dance.)

This is a tough three for me. I don’t really dance either. I do the whole ‘stand there and sway’ type of thing. Although, I’m actually going to go with Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. Not usually my taste, but I had this song stuck in my head a couple of years ago when I went through a haunted house, so I was actually dancing the whole way through it so that I wasn’t scared. I’m somewhat of a chicken. Some of the actors actually started dancing with me. It was fantastic.


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