Book Review – Connor Grey series by Mark Del Franco (Part 2)

Alrighty then! This is my second review on this series. I’ve done one on the first three books in the series so this will be focused on the last three. You can find my first review here. I finished up the sixth book…almost two weeks ago? So sorry this has taken me so long. As I’ve mentioned in almost every post, I procrastinate. A lot. As I’m sure many of my fellow bloggers do at some point or another. But moving on…this review will be on the last three books of the Connor Grey series by Mark Del Franco.


The last three books include:

My Rating: 4/5 stars for each book

Throughout this series I have given each book four stars. And that’s because, obviously, I have found this to be an enjoyable read. I loved Franco’s world-building and his writing style was also amazing. I actually found myself attached to most of the main characters as well. The action scenes were suspenseful and kept you wanting more and although romance wasn’t the main focus of the series, it was there.

In the last three books Connor definitely grows as a character. He can be rather childish, and still slightly arrogant, at times but overall he’s a good guy just trying to do what he thinks is best for everyone. Sometimes that includes himself, but most of the time it’s for the people he cares about. If Connor is anything, it’s loyal to those that have earned his trust. He makes a fantastic main character.

In my previous review I mentioned a few more characters including Connor’s gym buddy and police detective, Leo Murdock, the hilarious flit and Connor’s life-long friend, Joe, and Meryl, a sassy Guild researcher. As this series progresses you delve deeper into all three of their lives and, as I mentioned before, I found myself rather attached to them. Two other characters that I truly enjoyed are Shay, a young male prostitute introduced in the first book, and Dylan, Connor’s former Guild partner.

In these last three books the plot pretty much skyrockets until the ending. It just goes BAM BAM BAM! Plot twists thrown left and right. A lot goes on but it’s not overwhelming in the sense you don’t understand what’s happening. However, I do have mixed feelings about the very end of the sixth book. I found that to be slightly confusing, which left me a bit unsatisfied. By overall, this series was wonderful and I’ll definitely be looking into what else Mark Del Franco has written.

Happy reading! :)


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