Book Review – Tiger’s Destiny by Colleen Houck

Alrighty, I have finally finished up this series (well, until the fifth one comes out) so here is my review on the fourth book, Tiger’s Destiny by Colleen Houck.

Goodreads summary:

With three of the goddess Durga’s quests behind them, only one prophecy now stands in the way of Kelsey, Ren, and Kishan breaking the tiger’s curse. But the trio’s greatest challenge awaits them: A life-endangering pursuit in search of Durga’s final gift, the Rope of Fire, on the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal.  It’s a race against time–and the evil sorcerer Lokesh–in this eagerly anticipated fourth volume in the bestselling Tiger’s Curse series, which pits good against evil, tests the bonds of love and loyalty, and finally reveals the tigers’ true destinies once and for all.

My Rating: 4.5/5 stars

WARNING: There will be minor spoilers throughout the rest of the review.

Like the last two books, it jumps right in to where the previous one left off. At the end of Tiger’s Voyage, Kelsey is captured by Lokesh. While she’s held prisoner, the reader gets more of a taste of the sorcerer’s twisted personality and his true goals. Because this takes place at the beginning of the book, it’s fairly obvious she isn’t going to remain a captive for long. Her tiger’s come to her aid and soon thoughts of Lokesh are set aside as they return home and prepare for their next quest.

Mr. Kadam’s and Nilima’s futures were uncertain in the last book, but I was happy to find them safe at the house. And with more surprises in store. Let’s just say I did not expect time-traveling in this series. The trio make their way to the next temple but once again Lokesh appears to disrupt their plans. I won’t go into further detail due to spoilers, so certain events unfold and they continue on their journey.

I enjoyed their voyage in the last book, but I enjoyed this one even more. They travel to a land underneath a volcano and have to endure many tasks in order to obtain the goddess Durga’s Rope of Fire. All of the tasks were interesting to read and kept me wanting more. Once they complete this challenge, however, there’s a pleasant plot twist and finally the time to defeat Lokesh and break the curse has come.

Out of all four books this one gave me the most feels. There were about four scenes that had me teary-eyed. If you’ve read this book you probably know what scenes I’m talking about. I also liked the fact that romance wasn’t a key factor in this book until closer to the end. It’s main focus was breaking the curse.

As for the characters, like the last book, more of them were introduced in this one and it really made the book more enjoyable. Kelsey was still overly emotional and a tad whiny, but you could most definitely tell she has grown as a person from the first book. Kishan and Ren were both awesome, as always.

I thought Tiger’s Destiny made for a fitting end to the series, so I’m not sure how I feel about the fifth book. There isn’t a synopsis of it (that I could find) so I have no idea what it’s going to be about since this book pretty much wrapped everything up. I’ll just have to wait and see. As many who have read this series know, there is a movie planned for the first book and, although I’ve learned not to expect much from movie adaptions, I’m still looking forward to watching it when it comes out.

Overall, this was a fairly enjoyable series and I’m glad I decided to give it a try.

Happy reading! :)


10 thoughts on “Book Review – Tiger’s Destiny by Colleen Houck

  1. Ahh agree with all of this! This book definitely gave me the feels, this was actually probably the first time I can remember getting teary-eyes over a book. ❤️ And I am super excited for Tiger’s Dream! I recently finished Tiger’s Promise, the prequel novella to the series (a review on it can be found on my blog), and there was a sneak peek of the fifth book!! 😄❤️ It was awesome, and stopped at a killer cliffhanger. Anyway, great review! 👍 Have a wonderful day!o😉

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    • I can definitely see why you ended up teary-eyed! If the scene is well done I can get emotional pretty easily, as was the case in this book. I’m glad to hear the fifth book sounds like it’ll be a good read! As I mentioned in my post, I have mixed feelings on it. But I’m still excited to read it. Thanks for the like and comment, and I hope you have a wonderful day as well! :)

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  2. I really enjoyed this series, and loved this book. I also agree, I seriously wonder how Colleen Houck is going to make the 5th installment… And there’s going to be a movie? How exciting! :D So many great motion pictures adaptations (I still can’t believe The Mortal Instruments will get a show!) to be released.

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    • Yup! That’s what I heard. I believe they’re working on the screen writing at the moment. And I know! I also recently learned they were doing a TMI show! I watch a decent chunk of ABC Family shows and they usually do a good job so I’m excited! :D I just hope they decide to stick to the books…

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      • Oh my, so soon? I’m going to have to look this up and evaluate the entire cast. ;) Same, I really hope it will be a good representation of the series. I mean there will be so much more film time compared to the movie, plenty to include all the good plot, I hope.

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