Peer Pressure

Okay, so my good friend Emily talked me into starting my own blog after I began following hers. I was reluctant at first, because I’m super lazy, but decided I’d give it a try. This blog will most likely be book tags that she pressures me into completing, along with the occasional book review. I read a lot but have never really felt the need to write out my thoughts on the books I’ve read. However, recently through Goodreads I’ve been getting better at actually leaving reviews. I may also review a television show/episode (I watch too many…) and/or an anime (which I also watch too many of…) just to mix things up. So yeah. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep this up but I really enjoy reading Emmy’s blog (look for the link under ‘Blogs I Follow’) and for some reason she enjoys listening to me ramble on about stuff so I’m mostly doing this for her. Especially since she’ll probably be the only one reading it! :”D


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